What Clients Say About Us

Below are some of the feedbacks and comments we received from our clients.

” I’m a busy housewife with 3 school going children, and to help them improve their English, I often buy a lot of English grammar exercise books or test worksheets for them to do but only to find that I have no time to mark them. Luckily, my friend told me about AUTOTICK, and since then, I have been using it. I can honestly say that AUTOTICK is the best program purchase I have ever made. Thank you so much ”                       

  Mrs  Christine, from PenangMalaysia                                                                                   


” AUTOTICK is a great tool for improving the proficiency of your children English grammar,, I would recommend to anybody who has school going kids.”

Sarah, from Sydney, Australia


“I’m very happy because my mother used the Autotick , and it save her time as well as mine. Since using autotick English grammar test worksheet, my English grammar has improved a lot. Thank you very much.”

 Lim ZH, a secondary student from Kepong, Malaysia

” AUTOTICK delivers a product that is unique, well thought out and effective. I would recommend it to any one who has school going kids, it is value for money.”

Ann Mary, a business woman from Singapore

” My children prefer I use Autotick  because it is fast as they always want an instant result. For me, Autotick is not only a great help, it is also reasonably priced which makes it worth my money.”

Mrs Tan May Ling, Singapore


” The marking of test questions is done instantly which speeds up my learning process as it helps me to detect the mistakes fast!. It really motivates me. Thanks Autotick”

Takashi – a student from Japan                                                


” Autotick is a great tool, not only it save my time, it also encourage my son to study harder.”

Matilda – a secondary school teacher in Canada


” Value for money, keep in up”

Jonathan, Australia


” I like Autotick, it is fun to do my test in computer. I score 85% in my first attempt and 100% when I do the same test again.”

David LIm, a standard six student , Malaysia    


Autotick is absolutely amazing. I have more time for myself now”

 - Angela Lim, Johore Baru


“My children just love it. Autotick helped them improve their English grammar as well as save me a lot of times”

-  Mrs. Ann, New York, USA


 I’ve tried a lot of grammar test worksheets but so far autotick grammar test worksheet is the best. It take a short while to helps improve my grammar test results”

-Lim Hong Wei, Kepong 3

“I could just email the Autotick English grammar test exercises to my students. Once they’ve finished the test, they just email back to me. I then mark them instantly using a password, no worry of cheating! It really save me a lot of my valuable times and energy”

- Ms Tan SL , a tuition teacher from Singapore


We have received much more feedback, if you want to view them, please contact us.