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With password auto-marking feature, Autotick English grammar test worksheet is cheat-proofed, unique, effective and best of all, no supervision and manual marking are needed. Using Autotick English grammar test exercise worksheet will help your children or students quickly improve their English grammar capability besides saving you plenty of your valuable time, money and effort.

With Autotick English grammar worksheets,

 - You will never again have to worry about cheating as your children or students taking the computer-based English grammar test exercises can’t simply press the “submit” or “check the score” button to view the answers. 

 - You no longer need to spend times to be around to supervise your children or students taking the test since no cheating can happen.

 - You no longer need to spend time manually marking saving the hassle of checking the answer key one by one. All you have to do is simply enter the correct password, and the marking process is done in a second.



My children just love it. Autotick English grammar test worksheets have helped them improve their command of English grammar. As for me, it saves me a lot of times as I don’t have to be around to supervise them, and marking the test is easy and fast”Mrs.Ann,New York,USA“This is the best learning tool that I’ve purchased so far as it makes my life so much easier. If you’re looking for a similar tool, I would highly recommend it”Mrs.Ng  from Singapore


Teachers and parents are always looking for additional ways to supplement their students or children’s learning of English grammar. Autotick English grammar exercise test worksheets are the best way to help students and children maximize their learning potential. This is the best learning tool that will make your children or student get better grades with less work for you. Autotick English grammar test exercise worksheet is not just another computer-based worksheet. It’s

  • Specially prepared by a team of English language teachers who collectively come out with English grammar usage questions tailored made to your children and students.
  • Custom designed, unique and the first in the world, English grammar test worksheets developed using the popular Microsoft EXCEL spreadsheet program.

Our aim is to help parents and teachers to have an easy channel to improve their children’s or students’ command of English grammar without having to spend too much time on supervision and marking. Autotick English grammar test worksheets are an exceptionally effective system for parents, teachers, and homeschoolers using it as a tool to help their children or students learn the correct usage of English grammar faster and easier. With autotick English grammar exercise test worksheet:

    • It will inspire your children or students to work harder, giving them a clear advantage over others.
    • It will save you valuable time as it marks and calculates the score instantly once the correct password is entered.
    • It’s fun because it’s done on the computer, which captivates your children or students.
    • It’s inexpensive – everyone can afford it.
    • It’s easy to use – no special skill or training is required.
    • It can be reset and repeated as many times as you want - your children or students can take the same test over and over again, which mean more practice and revision.
    • It offers full protection against cheating, which mean, you no longer have to constantly supervise your children or students taking the test.


“Autotick is really amazing. It’s unique and efficient and best of all my kids just love it”

  Mrs. Wong SK, a housewife fromMountKiara,Kuala Lumpur

  “I like Autotick English grammar test worksheets because I could take the test again and again, I would keep doing the test until I got them all right. This is how I improve my English grammar. I don’t spend much time marking as it could be done instantly”

   Martin, a college student,Ontario,Canada


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