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 Q. Why can’t I open the Autotick English Grammar Test Worksheet file?

A. Before you can use the Autotick file, your computer must have the Microsoft EXCEL program installed in it. Without the EXCEL program, you cannot open the file. However, if you still wish to have our autotick English grammar test worksheets, you can now have them in PDF format at a fraction of the original cost. However, with PDF, you don’t have the function of instant marking. Click here to go the order page and view a PDF sample. 


Q. I do not have the EXCEL software installed in my computer. Am I still able to use your Autotick program?

A. No, you need to have the EXCEL software installed in your computer before you can run the Autotick file.


Q. What is the minimum EXCEL version for the Autotick to run?

A. The minimum EXCEL requirement must be at least version 97 and higher.


Q. Does the Autotick file contain EXCEL software?

A. No, the Autotick file does not contain the EXCEL software. You should purchase and install the Microsoft EXCEL software in your computer before you can use the Autotick file.


Q. How do I know whether my computer has the Microsoft EXCEL software installed in it?

A. First, click on the start button on your desktop, then click on program, and check in the program listing whether you can see the EXCEL symbol. If you can see the symbol, then your computer has the EXCEL software. 

Q. Could you illustrate step by step how to use the Autotick English grammar test worksheets?

A. You can check out at the Product Overview section which illustrates steps by steps instructions.


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