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Thank you for your interest in my Password Auto Marking English Grammar Test Worksheets and welcome to our Affiliate resource area.


Affiliate Program of our Password Auto Marking English Grammar Test Worksheets Receive a 75% commission!!


If you are new to affiliate marketing and I strongly suggest that you familiar yourself with the Clickbank knowledge centre. I have laid down here below everything you need to know about promoting our English grammar test worksheet as an affiliate in a chronological manner.


Step 1 – Clickbank Signup

Clickbank is the 3rd party processor that handles all of the orders and ultimately manages our affiliate program. If you don’t own a Clickbank account, in order to promote our program as affiliate and start earning money, the first step you must take is to sign up with clickbank and create your own account. Simply sign up using the link below and fill in all the necessary information. You’ll be asked to create a clickbank affiliate nickname. This is your “personal ID” that will be used in your special affiliate links.

After you have set your clickbank account, you’ll be ready to promote our Autotick English grammar test worksheets through your unique affiliate hoplink. You will earn 75% commission on each person who buys our worksheets through your affiliate referral link.

Now, Click here sign up with Clickbank


Step 2 – Create a hoplink

Your hoplinks should be in the following format:

This is what it looks like in html:

<a href=”″ target=”_top”>Click Here!</a>



Now, you just need to replace CLICK HERE with any promotional text or image you prefer

Example, if you use a banner to promote, and let’s say, the banner code is “<img src=”×90-.jpg” alt=”” />”,

then the html codes should look like this

<a href=”″ target=”_top”><img src=”×90-.jpg” alt=”” /></a>


Step 3 – How to you promote the Products


Promoting Tools 1 – Banner

Banner ads can generate quite a few click through and sales but only if combined with other preselling tools. Using banner ads as the sole means of promoting this program will in most cases lead to poor results. As mentioned in the preselling section of this page, good quality and high value content should be your first priority.

Banner ads can be great as supplemental tool for articles, reviews, testimonials and endorsements.

There are quite a few ways to maximize banner ad click-thrus. One of the most important click-thru factors in regard to banners is the location of the banner ad. Make sure that banner is clearly visible to your visitors and stand out.

The followings are my banner types that you can use to promote

Below are a selection of banners. You can either a) save these to your website by right clicking on the banner and selecting ‘save as’ from the list or b) copy the codes directly


Banner Types


Size = 300 x 250

This 300×250 banner code is as follow:-

<img src=”×250-.jpg” alt=”” />


Size = 728 x 90

This 728×90 banner code is as follow:-

<img src=”×90-.jpg” alt=”” />


Promoting Tools 2 – Text Links

You can place these little ads in lots of places. On your website as a text link (make it blue and underlined to increase clickthroughs), as an ezine ad, as a signature file, etc.

To promote using text link, all you need to do is replace “Click here” with the text. Example, if your text is, say, “Click here to find out the easy and effective way to learning English grammar”,

then the html codes should look like this


<a href=”″ target=”_top”>Click here to find out the easy and effective way to learning English grammar</a>


Here are the different headlines you can use:

  • Click here to find out how Autotick Cheat-Proof English Grammar Test Worksheets Helps My Children and Students Score ‘A’s in English Grammar Tests
  • Learning English grammar is easy if you have the right tools. Click here to find out
  • Test and Learn English grammar in half the time, and get a better result!



Solo Email

If you have your own opt-in mailing list, sending a solo email to your subscriber’s list is the most effective method to promote affiliate products as a joint venture partner. If done correctly this strategy can yield tremendous results very quickly. 

You can write your own solo email or use the following solo email samples


Hello [[Name]], 

Giddying up for an English Grammar test? Finding it a tedious job? Well you must be.

I definitely understand your concerns over preparing flawless test sheets and then go over the scores of test sheets, hunting down for mistakes and marking the results manually. Very tiring and boring, isn’t it? Probably you can use the extra time for something productive. Obviously who would want scores of to be corrected test sheets rather than some partying over the weekend or the evening after work?

We can help you with your Grammar gradation tests. Provided with password options your test sheets are 100% secured. Backed up with an auto correcting and grading system, your Grammar test sheets can never get morphed again!

With this test, parents don’t need to waste their hard earned m0ney to improve their children’s English grammar proficiency. Grab these sheets and you’re all set.”

The cheat proof test gradation sheets come in three different packages suiting to your special requirements – Microsoft Excel sheets, PDF test gradation sheets and also both combined into one.

CLICK  the link below to find out more, pick today according to your comfort and get grading your children or students without any fuss.